About Goatkidd:

Goatkidd is a weekly gag strip written & drawn by Devon Mc Mindes. It was published in the Sacramento News & Review throughout most of 2018 and 2019. It can now be found on phones and computers, wherever US internet access is available.

The characters, in order of frequency:

  1. Goatkidd

    Eats garbage. Sleeps in garbage. Majored in garbage theory. Interned for 2 years on a garbage barge in the south pacific. Unemployed.

  2. Werner the Dog

    He is maybe just a little bit more nervous that he lets on, although he lets on plenty. He likes to be included in group activities.

  3. Rotney

    A veteran conspiracy theorist. He flies low under government and corporate radars by frequently pretending to be dead.

  4. Carlos

    A busy fella; you're never quite sure when or where he'll pop up! He seems to run a number of hustles.

  5. And others!

    Goatkidd is always making new friends, mostly so he doesn't always have to come up with new jokes to tell his old friends.